New Hair, New Mood

In typical Meg fashion I went to get my hair trimmed and ended up coming out with an entirely new style and colour. Standard.

After chatting to some of the apprentices on Instagram I popped along to Bleach London’s Academy earlier this week and I’m now OBSESSED with my new look. This was my hair before (tbh I didn’t mind my hair this colour but it was pretty faded and I had split ends):

And this was what the magicians at Bleach managed to do with it:

I opted for a bob as I feel like I don’t do anything with my hair and I’d rather have it cut into a style that works. I normally just have my hair either half up/half down or tied up in a pony tail. At least now with my bob I can have it wavy or poker straight and it will actually look good because of the decent cut.

I always get slightly embarrassed when going to a salon. I’m really bad with getting regular haircuts (not sure if it’s through laziness or the fear of mundane conversation OR the fact that haircuts in London cost a whole arm AND leg) and I tend to only get my hair cut every six months. I’m also trying to give my hair a rest from bleaching which means my roots are in dire straights at the moment (although they’re now disguised a little bit better with the purple colour).

Despite all of my negative thoughts, the stylists at Bleach made me feel so welcome. So much so that it’s made me really excited to go back in a couple of months to get my roots dealt with. 

One of the other points to this blog, aside from simply bragging about my sick new hair style, was to talk about the healing powers of getting you hair done. For the last couple of week’s I’ve been feeling really crap and I tend to reflect this in the way I dress and style my hair and make-up. For example, I’ll opt for easier to wear, comfortable clothes and will avoid make-up – maybe it’s because I feel like I can hide behind my giant glasses, I’m not sure.

However, after getting my hair done I felt so much better and made much more of an effort on a day-to-day basis. I even tried wearing as much bright pink as possible throughout the week (blog post to come about this little experiment) which also lifted my mood.

What I’m trying to say is if you’re feeling a little bit down, treat yourself to a new hairstyle. I don’t know how long this will last but at the moment I’m feeling pretty damn good about it.


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