All Time Low at Eventim Apollo, London

I went to see one of my favourites bands at the Eventim Apollo in London on Friday night and it was great.  All Time Low always put on an amazing show but I felt like they really upped their game for this show, the first they’ve done in about six months. I reviewed the gig for MTV, have a read below:


In case you’ve been living under a rock for the last couple months a little band called All Time Low are back, and they’re SO ready for it.

Earlier this year they cryptically teased that something was coming on their social media platforms, before revealing their new single ‘Dirty Laundry’ and announcing their forthcoming album Last Young Renegade.


With new music there usually comes a whole host of live performances, and here in London we were lucky enough to be the first to witness the Young Renegades tour, and what a night it was.

The Baltimore four piece took to the stage last night (10th March) at London’s Eventim Apollo where they were greeted by thousands of fans, some of which had been waiting outside for hours.

A band like All Time Low have been around for, as frontman Alex Gaskarth mentions during the show, 14 years, and you could see from the crowds that there were clearly some day one fans in the room, as well as those they’ve picked up along the way.

The set was the perfect mix of their epic back catalogue where they played older songs such as ‘Six Feet Under The Stars’ and ‘Lost In Stereo’, all the way up to their brand new single ‘Dirty Laundry’. What also made the show extra special was the INSANE light show, kudos to the lighting team, it was seriously good.

And the thing with All Time Low fans (also known as The Hustlers) is that they will learn EVERY word to ALL of your songs and they will sing them back to you at the top of their lungs on every possible occasion. Last night’s lot were up there with one of the loudest crowds we’ve ever heard in a venue of that size.

One thing you can guarantee at an All Time Low show is that the band will make you feel welcome and in on all of their jokes. For example, right before their final track (‘Dear Maria, Count Me In’ of course) the crowd formed a giant circle pit, but Jack was having none of this fooling around as he yelled “stop dabbing in the mosh pit!” To which Alex added, “that move is used and grubby, just like Jack”.

It’s this toilet humour banter that the fans live for and with Alex watching the amount of ‘f**ks’ he said throughout the show due to Jack’s parents being in the crowd, it was surprisingly tame in comparison to some of their earlier shows where jibes about nakedness and blow jobs were part and parcel of an ATL show.

Overall All Time Low’s show was exuberant, energetic and polished. After over a decade of doing live shows, they’ve totally nailed it. We’re even tempted to go to their show on 31st March at Brixton Academy, because who doesn’t want to start AND end their tour in London?


Kicking & Screaming
Somewhere in Neverland
Six Feet Under the Stars
Cinderblock Garden
Something’s Gotta Give
Kids in the Dark
Dirty Laundry
Missing You
A Love Like War
Backseat Serenade
Take Cover

Lost in Stereo
Dear Maria, Count Me In

Read my review over on MTV.


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